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Advantages of smoking

Any smoker without hesitation can name many benefits of smoking, but non-smokers are not understanding them. The primary advantage is the incredible satisfaction waterfall feeling. Particularly bright and sharp it feels after some time without smoking. This is the reason why millions and millions of people continue to smoke, despite possible disadvantages and problems. Nothing else in our modern life what is legal and affordable does not provide such a wonderful effect. Although some say that a similar feeling delivers gourmet food, but it enhances the feeling of smoking, enriches and makes you stronger. Excellent example is coffee. Smokers know very well that a cup of coffee with a cigarette improves thinking. Cigarette brightens difficult moments, waiting, cigarette does not pose a problem for those who are counting calories and watching volumes.

Another major advantage of smoking is just confident control of obesity that has experienced the many smokers, especially women. Regular smoking helps to lose weight and keep it in the right frame. Smoking speeds up your metabolism, the effect produces not only the process, but the time spent on it instead of food. Smoking does not add a single calorie; it is surprisingly, full of taste and elegance and at the same time rewarding. You'll find that the correct combination of smoking with the right exercises can actually help you significantly lose weight.

Smoking is an incredible, powerful magnet for people around, a convenient way to understand other smokers and to befriend with them. You will be able to maintain a relationship with them, but the magic they will not care. However your partner may not like your smoking habit. If he or she really likes you for who you are, smoking is not a problem, but on the contrary. They will appreciate your sense of direction in life, will appreciate a new way, a person who knows what wants in life. With smoking you simply eliminate all the haughty, arrogant and too self-confident people around you, who therefore may not be relevant to you. The image of a smoker might not awaken in others a hurricane of emotions, but it can cause interest and intrigue for sure.

Carefree and careless will be pleased to discover that smoking means more breaks in the heavy, tedious, monotonous work. Imagine what being a non-smoker, who humbly requests the extra 10 minute break every couple of hours? A smoker can afford it! You can spend time entertaining in the smoking room, talking to various interesting topics, albeit surrounded by strangers, but pierced by a single spirit and the spirit of people. You can start a conversation with a stranger, already having some intangible communion with him. Intimacy, subtle relationship, belonging to the circle of favorites - give a simple conversation during a break.

Smoking is a pleasant and joyful habit enjoyed by millions of people around the world. It brings relaxation, it gives relief in difficult situations. Buy cigarettes to enjoy the fullness of life!

Published: Friday, March 15, 2013