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Cigarettes are better then Alcohol

Everyone knows that binge is nasty, slimy,disgusting, and vile. It causes headaches in the after-mornings. It turns a hum a ninto a beast, which got single happiness in life - a sip of plain water and a breath of fresh air. You would never hear such things about smoking. Well, this works if you do not smoke a lot.

The choice whether to smoke or not to smoke is as always up to you. At least the smoke is better than drinking alcohol, and that's why.

1. Smoking doesn't provide a headache.
2. Smoking does not interfere with work.
3. You can smoke while driving.
4. Smoking is not blurring brains.
5. Smoking is not sick.
6. Drinking is usually with eating. You don't need to eat with cigarettes. 
7. Buying cigarettes is cheaper than buying booze.
8. You can smoke during working hours. 
9. Smoking stimulates the brain, as opposed to drinking.
10. Smoking brings people together.
11. Smoking doesn't provide hangover.
12. Smoking is causing fewer troubles than drinking.

When choosing between two harmful things,choose the one which is less harmful!

Many people confess that smoking cigarettes help them to think. Smart people who smoked earned the same prestige and were recognized geniuses. For instance,Einstein, who smoked was a very clever scientist. Freud, with all his genius theories onto psychoanalysis, was very friendly with cigarettes himself. Also,never forget Mark Twain, who for six times threw smoking, if not more. The secret government who controls Earth in "X files" series, was famously smoking Marlboro! Of course, it was more used as advertisement, but it was funny,wasn't it? 

However the smoking of cigarettes should not become an end in itself. As the matter of fact, it's just one of the things that you enjoy, like a new sofa in your living room or a CD of classical music - you can survive without it for sure. You should never assimilate to freaks which smoke very often - this simply makes no sense. Well, you don't drink hot tea every five minutes and you don't eat sponge cake with chocolate constantly, do you?  

The hobby of smoking cigarettes can be significantly better both for your health and wealth then drinking alcohol. Buy cigarettes online and you will have a chance to save money! For instance, instead of buying a pack of Kent cigarettes in your local store you can get 2 or even 3 packs of the same discount cigarettes offered online with delivery to your doorsteps. 

Published: Tuesday, April 05, 2011