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How cigarettes smoke is filtered

Most common cigarette filters at the moment are filters made of acetate fibers, despite various modern technological advances. This material is not only able to contain nicotine and tar, but also prevents the penetration of light flavors, which is especially important in menthol cigarettes. Acetate initially takes the form of syrup, is flowing freely, forming threads. These threads are cut in the casting process to a certain size, particularly twisted; resulting in a different structural material, the basic structure of the material when it is applied to the filter should be crimped.

Since cigarette filter direct contacts the mucous membranes of the mouth, the production of acetate fiber material should meet certain requirements. First of all, acetate should be perfectly white, which means that no chemical additives were added. Acetate fiber should contain titanium dioxide, which literally absorbs harmful substances of cigarette smoke.

The most effective way to reduce the emission of harmful substances in tobacco is use of carbon inclusions in acetate fiber. Activated charcoal sticks well and is a good additional element capable to hold chemical agents, without interrupting the circulation of air in a cigarette filter at the same time. Not every coal is suitable to be use in cigarette filters. Some species have a negative effect on the taste of cigarettes or impede filtration exchange. Therefore, in the manufacture of filters from acetate fibers mainly is used finely coal. .

In order to avoid such negative factors as the accumulation of moisture in the filter, cigarettes manufacturers go to various tricks. Some brands are made with cork for filter housing. However such cigarettes are quit expensive and therefore not highly popular. Another approach to reduce the moisture in the filter is the use carbon filter cartridge. In combination with the acetate carbon, fiber cartridge is capable of holding the largest number harmful substances. Cigarettes with such filter are very popular because of convenient cost along with comfortable protection.

No one but smoker chooses what to buy and what to smoke. But, whatever brand you choose to smoke, always keep in mind that you are surrounded by other people. Therefore, buying another pack of cigarettes, take care of it the maximum safety as yours, the same of others. Cheap cigarettes which are filtered in the best way!

Published: Friday, January 18, 2013