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How to smoke cigarettes

The process of cigarette smoking should be beautiful and exquisite. When people smoke, they relax and take rest; all their movements should be calm and slow. Some people smoke to appear older then they are, someone smokes to calm themselves down, and others take cigarettes to keep their hands busy. In any case people smoke because can not live without it.

Smoking starts from lighting a cigarette. People light cigarettes up in very different ways: some use lighters or matches, others light up from fire or other sources of fire. However the right way is to light up from the matches or lighters only. For lighting a match on, you first need to strike a match on the box itself. Thus, it will light up and then bring it to the tip of the cigarette so that the flame evenly gripped end of the cigarette. Then you should do a light inhaling so the hot air to penetrate deeper into the cigarette.

Lighting a cigarette from a lighter has its own historical specifics. In the middle of XX century among the sailors became a fashion to strike sharply lighter on their pants, so it is simultaneously opened and lit. However to learn doing that some practice and skills are needed. Previously this was considered a sign of strength and agility, but it as well it looks beautiful. Of course, you can light your lighter in a standard way (using fingers), but it looks not that impressive.

The best way to hold the cigarette while smoking is placing its filter tip between your index and middle fingers. It is not recommended to look at a cigarette, when inhaling - it looks not very nice. The smoke must learn not to pay attention to the cigarette, learn to feel like the cigarette and your hand are a unified whole. It's not polite to keep your cigarette in mouth while talking or letting smoke go. Also thus cigarettes can be crumpled or become wet from saliva. In addition, from a cigarette in your mouth more smoke gets in your eyes and this can cause watery eyes.

A smoker should keep in mind that smoking is a combination of beautiful hand, fingers, lips and head movements. Many people have their own habits of movements while smoking. It's highly possible that you can develop your own, unique way to beautifully smoke cigarettes.

Published: Friday, December 10, 2010