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Smoke less, but better!

Look at the smoking in terms of philosophy wellness. Is it possible to smoke and not to harm your health? Today, this question becomes relevant even for those smokers who are skeptical of the Ministry of Health warnings. Stop smoking at all and you deprive yourself of the ritual-mate, lover of pleasure, discolor the palette of life. Continue smoking in the same spirit means a greater or lesser degree of harm to its image.

In a world where the reigning cult of wellness, concerned about their health has become one of the main indicators of the success of the person. This is a logical and unobjectionable. Sadly, for most people's image of the health care is much more important than the actual health. Nothing else can explain the fact that in the search for compromise, more than half of the tobacco smokers have chosen the style of smoking lighter cigarettes of such brands as Winston cigarettes. Their share now accounts for more than 50% of the total tobacco production.

The concept of "The lighter cigarette – the less harm caused" was in tune with the expectations of millions of smokers around the world so much that almost all the major players of the tobacco business are forced to produce and promote the lighter brands, and with them - a new philosophy of "healthy" smoking.

You can continue to smoke, you can continue to smoke the same cigarettes per day, as before, we can not even change the favorite cigarette manufacturer, simply buy a pack of that which is not ashamed to pull out of your pocket during the negotiations, in a cafe on the street. Above it the best designers have worked - its "lightness" is evident even to those who have low vision or who are too far away to read the keyword «light».

Smokers who buy cigarettes and can compare the prices of cigarettes online, can notice that there is almost no difference in cost between light and regular cigarettes. Why do light cigs cost as much as regular cigarettes? After all, logically, the process of their production is more labor-intensive, more complex. In what the lightness of cigarettes consist? And due to what is achieved such a fantastic reduction of tar amount? Unfortunately, these figures belong to the world of fantasy. Experts believe that any tobacco manufacturing operations can reduce the concentration of resin only 40%. But this is only the most innocuous of illusions.

To offer the consumer a lower tar and nicotine use in the manufacture of the so-called resuspended tobacco - pressed plate of crumbs of tobacco, leaf veins and stems, which are not subjected to chemical treatment of pity. The mixture was dried by freezing out the components. The more intense - the easier it becomes. Yes, the "light" cheap cigarettes weigh less than regular and, therefore, when smoked gives a smaller amount of resin. But the composition of these resins is another, including freon, ammonia, ammonium carbonate, nitrogen and other components. Yes, a little bit of tobacco in them is also. But that's why a smoker increases the number of cigarettes daily rate and more delayed, thus trying to compensate for the lack of nicotine.

Perhaps, some will indeed make the right decision to stop smoking. In any case, light cigarettes do not carry health benefits and, although they are formally entered in wellness-philosophy, nothing to do with it do not matter. But there is another way for a smoker, so to speak, esoteric, because wellness is a cult in our society. And as it is often the case with the cult, its external, formal, ceremonial side may differ from the internal, sacred and true content. So much so that the concept of harm and benefit in a sense reversed. Wellness-smoking symbol may be called the tradition of victory cigars in athletes. It’s an act of celebration of the human body - the body, relaxing and experiencing the pleasure of taste, his soul, which awaken and crystallize a sense of high, fixed formula for success.

However, the rejection of the ordinary smoking, smoking mechanically - the first step on this path. Wellness is not only a philosophy of enjoying the process of taking care of his health, but above all, a healthy approach to the enjoyment. When applied to smoking,  it is only the choice of quality tobacco, the best of its varieties. Good varieties of tobacco do not irritate the majority of the so-called passive smokers. Good tobacco does not contain chemicals that cause additional harm to health.

A good tobacco makes the process of smoking pleasure, which is impossible to indulge in a hurry, and often elsewhere - in the subway passage, at a bus stop, three-minute smoke break while on the stairs of office building. It is as absurd and impossible as it is winter on the street sandwich with eggs, eat in a day, five pounds of foie gras or a snack on the run delicate French pastries. Choosing quality of smoking, the smoker refuses to saturation in favor of moderation and mindfulness.

It comes inevitably to a reduction in consumption of tobacco, often - to renounce in favor of cigarettes, thus leaving the category of increased risk to health. It is easy to understand why such a disposition of fate, which played a key role itself is not a cigarette, but a habit of smoking.

Published: Friday, June 08, 2012