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Smoking Etiquettes

Smoking is an art, but not everyone owns it. Itís unlikely to make favorable impression on those around a young man with big fat cigarette in his mouth. Every smoker is choosing which brand to choose when buying cigarettes, but there are several simple rules for smoking etiquettes to avoid irritating people around a smoking person and leave good opinion in society.

As the rule cigarettes should be smoked as fast as possible, and between drawings cigarette should not be hold in oneís mouth, but in hand. At the same time you can avoid unpleasant aesthetic experience, which provides chewed cigarette end, when it is taken out of the mouth, appearing to be of the cheapest cigarettes. Also polite smoker should avoid a bad habit like puffing out on companions.

Cigarette smoking during dinner is not allowed. If you can not do without the cigarette, then you should start smoking when the coffee is served or when everyone is allowed to smoke. Of course, you should ask permission from the nearest non-smoker neighbors in either case. There is another option: smoking discount cigarettes in the living room, balcony, outside, etc. 

    When there are several smokers around you, you might propose to light a cigarette for someone of them. While lighting a cigarette for someone, you must keep in mind several rules:

  • The one who offers a light from his cigarette, should take her out of the mouth beforehand;

  • The youngest first offer fire to seniors;

  • The smoker should not lean over a lighted match, but take a match or a lighter and lit cigarette oneself;

  • When both senior and junior smokers light up from the same open fire, then itís seniorís prerogative to light up first, then he gives the fire to junior one.

If a man has to ask the fire from a woman-smoker, she should give him a box of matches or a lighter, but does not offer fire. At the same time when a woman is asking for a fire, she should not take into her hands matches or lighter from menís hands, even when he's older than her. It is best if the woman leans over a burning match or cigarette lighter to start her Camel cigarette.

One of the worst sides of smoking is bad breath. The smell comes from smokerís clothing as well. In addition, most heavy smoker has yellow teeth. Therefore it is recommended to rinse the mouth with special solutions. Yellow fingers also donít provide a pleasant effect. It can be removed with hydrogen peroxide or a piece of pumice. Smoker should use cologne and perfume more often than nonsmoker people.

Published: Friday, February 17, 2012