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Smoking in the car

In the modern century people spend a lot of time in cars, either driving or being a passenger. Smoking in the car can give us the same feeling of relaxation, as in any other place. Smoking cigarettes while driving a car may cause some difficulty because at the time the driver has to control a lot of things. Well, smoking discount cigarettes might be one more of them.

Simplest thing is to light a cigarette before you start engine of your car. This will save you from having to light a cigarette up during movement, but it is also convenient only if you go not far. Otherwise you will have to get a light on while driving. Reaching for your pack of cigarettes and holding it with one hand and the lighter with the other you will have to lay on the steering wheel. It will be easier to get a cigarette and pinch it with lips and hold it out there, until you put the pack of Winston cigarettes back and get a lighter. If you want to light a cigarette without looking, make sure you are comfortable doing it with one hand. You can practice without being in the card, for your own convenience.

The difficulty of smoking while driving is that you have to get used to hold a cigarette and shake the ashes with your left hand if you don't wish to use astray inside of your car. If you are left-handed, you already have this advantage. Also, if you don't like to drive with open window, do not worry about difficulty of using your left hand, because the ashtrays in cars are as the rule positioned on the right from driver's seat..

As much as shaking the ash out the car's window is suitable, never through lighted butts of cigarettes on the road. When you finish smoking, stub the cigarette in your car ashtray. A thrown cigarette creates the great risk of fire, and we do not need more trash on the road. Also do not forget to shake your car's ashtray out when it becomes full. There is nothing dowdier than crowded car ashtray!

Everyone has a legal right to enjoy smoking while driving, but keep in mind simple safety rules for your own sake and for other's sake too. Also never forget to buy cigarettes in bulk and store them in your car for your own convenience. 

Published: Friday, February 22, 2013