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The Mechanism of a Cigarette Brand Promotion

Using the design and the name and given all the restrictions on advertising, the tobacco companies are not so many tools for promoting the brand and image to the consumer reports. In fact, they all boil down to sponsorship, PR, product placement and BTL-activity. Moreover, the effect is expected only with proper combination of these activities for cheapest cigarettes.

No wonder those who quit smoking typically recommend avoiding watching movies and TV shows. It is through the movie and television screens are grafted rituals and symbols of smoking. This is product placement - one of the few remaining opportunities to carry tobacco brand image through the image of the hero (opinion leader).

As for the BTL, here, of course, in addition to the mechanics, should be very clearly defined place for the promotion of specific discount cigarettes brands - a place where there are the target audience (for instance - a woman), and where the audience is ready, that is receptive to our promotions.

Pretty good example of a combination of these effects is demonstrated by BAT. Vogue adding to its main brand portfolio after the acquisition of Rothmans, BAT for five years, sales increased 4.5 times in Vogue and is not going to give up. In fact, it can be considered as start-up, and subsequently re-launch (after the attack began on the heels of the competitors, the same Esse).

If we talk about the channels of promotion and mechanics of increasing the number of people who buy cigarettes, I would not particularly distinguish between the advertising of cigarettes for men and women. It's such a classic as advertising in the subway and the press, information inserts in cigarette packs and advertising at point of sale. And for those and other effective the same tricks, just adjusted for different target audience. There are no secrets.

Published: Friday, July 20, 2012