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The Most Bad Ways to Get People Quit

Every non-smoker at least once in their life trying to tell a smoker how bad smoking is. However, those "teachers" are very rarely notice that smokers only irritate their didactic tone. Why? Well, no one has quit the habit after hearing plenty of moralizing maxims. Usually, morality contributes only to all that is called "out of spite." Approximately the same effect does stories of social roles and so on. Lamentations over the future mothers and fathers rarely attracting the attention, too, we do not tend to think about their future health. That's why we're still laughing at a joke about how people all my life to ruin their health to make money, and then methodically lowers earnings to improve their health.

One very bad helps in the fight against smoking and scary pictures and stories about the suffering of smokers. On the Internet you can read a lot of articles to stupor about how bad life is a smoker: a handful of tobacco crumbs in karma, yellow teeth, and smelling of tobacco clothes ... Yes, perhaps, but just talk about it with a smoker for 20 years of smoking is stupid, but the teenager - completely useless. Any young smoker will tell you that from all this "insane" damage there are a couple of good recipes, for example, always smelling something can be advised to take a shower every day and sometimes begin to wash his clothes, and those who can not keep up with tobacco purchase kent cigarette case, and the teeth ... The smokers teeth which are regularly cleaned, they are not yellower than in people who regularly drink coffee and tea.

As for the terrible pictures on Winston cigarettes packs, I can not say that they are not strictly helps anyone, but really very little. Those with weaker nervous system, usually take a smoke to relieve stress from viewing photos of bloody red-gray interiors as if scrolled through a meat grinder. Being not a fan of anatomy, among other things, it's difficult to think that this whole farrago is within us, even when it's healthy.

With the same success can intimidate people with his own death: the probability of an accident will never make you stay home (I exclude all sorts of phobias and paranoia). And even if you long and hard will be showing pictures from the accident scene in all scary details, it is unlikely to keep you from being able to get back behind the wheel. It always seemed that all the passions of the world can happen to anyone, but just not with us. And then is there so much danger of death, that person is unlikely to be frightened by something that may happen only turn-fifteenth years. Add to all existing hazard a couple of new will absolutely not change anything. Moreover, it is easy to see that smokers are mostly mercilessly. And if you say you're going to die together with billions of people ... yes, even alone is not scary. In other words, we all are going to die and that's not news, so why should someone every time try to create a sensation.

If you make the most ineffective ways of rating to give up smoking, then these will take the prizes. All that I am mentioning so if you decide to tyrannize someone with "terrible pictures" and "horror stories", think again. Confidence that they will not increase, but against you, perhaps, set up, but someone can also wear down the nerves. The purpose of loved ones is to help, but to not force quit with guilty feeling. Often smoking is not physical but psychological dependence - calming action characteristic gesture, an interesting communication in the company of smokers, etc.

Published: Friday, December 09, 2011