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The Production of Cigarettes: Tobacco Drying

Ready-made cigarette, which has a very short life, is the result of hard working course of many days, which includes selection, harvest and drying steps.

The tobacco leafs drying process is a complicates procedure, during which are fixed all accumulated in the leaf tobacco smoking dignity. There are several kinds of dried tobacco. A natural way to use the eastern varieties of tobacco. It takes a long time and requires special construction of sheds and buildings. Each tobacco leaf by hand strung on strings or cords that are placed in a special series of tight frames. Sometimes in cold weather languor of tobacco is carried out in piles on the floor, but then they still need to string a leaf on the cords.

Natural drying of tobacco requires sun and shadow. The best grades of tobacco dried in the sun, but the time longing depends on climatic conditions and different for different varieties. Tobacco leaves of solar light yellow color belong to Golden Virginia tobacco, used in kent cigarettes for instance. The natural method of drying the shadow of tobacco use in Central Asia, as well as varieties of Burley tobacco and cigar tobacco. The drying process is carried out in the shade under the eaves in barns with exhaust devices.

Artificial drying of tobacco is heated air or flue fire. It is the oldest method of drying tobacco, used earlier by Indians. Fire-cured tobacco is possible after harvesting whole plants. Tobacco is subjected to the natural longing, and then dried over a fire. The color of the tobacco brown, the flavor - very special. From fire-cured tobacco made cigars, snuff, and specific varieties of cigarettes.

When artificial ventilation and drying of the additional heating of the air can significantly reduce the time availability of tobacco. Also use drying climate in which the addition of artificially heated air humidify the air in accordance with the specified parameters.

Each class has its own tobacco is strictly technology. Compliance with the rules and regulations - the success of manufacturers of tobacco products will conform to the expected characteristics of tobacco consumers. This requires a careful treatment of tobacco, both at the stage of cultivation, and the drying step. Only then you can always get a quality product and the recognition of the fans of tobacco flavors, which characterize various cigarettes brands.

Experienced smokers can easily distinct their favorite cigarette taste, when they buy cheap cigarettes and choose between large assortment, itís easy for them to pick up a brand even into online cigarette shops, without possibility to try a cigarette.

Published: Friday, April 27, 2012